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  • May 2018 Flyer

    7 May at 09:59 from atlas

    May 2018 Flyer is now available to view and download.

  • Concrete Products

    16 October at 09:15 from atlas

    I have added a brief (1 page) summary of our most commonly sold 'concrete products' as a selection guide for customers. It includes self ...

  • Monthly Newsletter and Specials Sheet

    16 October at 09:07 from atlas

    Hi Everyone, ...

  • Australian Membrane Industries (AMI) - Tasmanian Dealer

    3 August at 09:27 from atlas

    Terrace Trading is the Tasmanian distributor for Australian Membrane Industries, manufacturers of AMI branded waterproofing and bonded ...

  • Seal 'n' Peel protective coating

    1 March at 09:13 from atlas

    Seal 'n' Peel WB5000 is a water based, easy applied strippable coating for the temporary protection of a range of nonporous surfaces. ...

  • New Bosch Bonded Abrasives

    1 March at 08:57 from atlas

    We will shortly begin stocking the full range of Bosch bonded abrasive cutting and grinding wheels. These new products from Bosch have ...

  • New Product - Silicone Remover

    30 November at 08:15 from atlas

    Selleys Silicone Sealant Remover - helps to remove cured silicone. The gel product breaks the silicone down making it much easier to ...

  • New Product - Water Stain Remover

    30 November at 08:05 from atlas

    Klearvu Water Stain Remover. This product can remove water stains and spots from shower screens automotive glass and other hard ...

  • Electrical 'Tag & Test' of new tools

    6 October at 15:51 from atlas

    To get your new tools on site sooner, Terrace Trading are now tagging new electrical goods including 240V tools, battery chargers for ...

  • 10.8V Sabre Saws arrive at last

    6 October at 15:40 from atlas

    The long awaited Bosch 10.8V Mini Sabre Saws in body only ('bare bones') have arrived at last. Complete your 10.8V kit with this useful ...



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